Keep Your Daydream (Marc and Trish Leech) came recommended to us by a Battle Born Batteries and was in need of an installer to take their Grand Design Momentum 5th wheel from solar prep to Off-grid machine. After meeting them and hearing their mission, we embarked down the path of our standard upfit process to better understand their use-case for off-grid living.


After dialing in the system components, KYD brought their rig and amazing video skills to Elkhart, IN. KYD filmed the install of their system and documented every step of the way for their viewers. The project was an amazing success and we are very grateful to have been able to work with KYD and their dedicated following.



"We found Future Solutions out of Elkhart, Indiana and they came highly recommended by BattleBorn Batteries and a legit installer and, I can tell you from personal experience, they are ridiculous! The knowledge and think tank between the team we had installing was top level. The reason we wanted to find a good install team was to find someone we feel comfortable with providing a referral to so that someone, who likes the system and is in the midwest area, has a resource. We have fortunately found that resource!"

Marc and Tricia, @KeepYourDaydream



Marc and Tricia