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Crazy Family Adventure was a house full with 4 children and 2 dogs when they decided to take their life from a big house and downsize to an RV. Life on the road called to them when they decided they wanted to enjoy time with one another and make memories while they can.


Their adventure began when becoming a Camping World and Keystone ambassador. After boondocking, they realized that their lifestyle goals weren’t being reached with the amount of power they had available.


Our partner, Keystone, referred Craig and Bryanna to us for their upfit. The first step was installing a package close to SuperSolar with added capabilities in their solar prepped Montana High Country. The system gave their GFI outlets and fridge the ability to run off of the new Solar and Lithium upfit while leaving them plenty of room for a future expansion to 1200W of Solar.


A few things they have enjoyed power for are Halloween movies every night of October and when the family decides to take the sports game outside to the big screen! Their Future Solutions upfit gives their family even more time to spend with one another and use more power from anywhere.



Our ambassadors, Crazy Family Adventure, featured their #futuresolutionsupfit in a YouTube video you can see here. If you're wondering what happens with your power conversion, what each product does for the system, or how nice an upfit can look, you've come to the right video! Join Craig and Matt as they explain their expandable solar set-up.

Bryanna has also written blogs on "Keystone Montana- 7 Owners Share What They Love About It" and "Solar for RVs: The Ultimate Solution to the Best Solar Setup" where you can learn even more about their rig and full-time experience!




"Life living in an RV has been amazing! We have been to so many unbelievable places and a lot of them more than once. We love being able to wake up and walk out our front door to spectacular views and surroundings and then the next day pack up and head to a brand new place. The best part has been being able to get out and explore so much of North America!


We work from the road and our kids do some online classes so we definitely needed power to be able to charge our computers and have the ability to work on them all day and continuously charge them when needed.  From a fun perspective, we needed power so the kids could play their videos games and we could watch outdoor movies on our projector!  We also upgraded to a residential fridge in our new 5th wheel which gave us more than double the fridge and freezer space compared to our last trailer. The downside was it runs on electricity only and uses quite a bit of power. After the solar install, we can run all of this and more! Having solar has been amazing so we are able to continue to live and work as if we are at an RV park with full hookups! But instead of being crammed into a tight camping spot, we are able to stay in wide open spaces with beautiful views and no neighbors. 


We had heard that Future Solutions is the best of the best when it comes to solar installs. From our first conversation with them we could tell that was the case! They asked all the right questions to make sure that we got the setup that we needed. We also liked the fact that Future Solutions worked so closely with the manufacturer. They had so much knowledge of what our Montana was prepped for which helped make the install super fast and smooth. Having a Future Solutions upfit gave us the freedom to go and camp where we want to without having to worry about power. Plus, we know the Future Solutions team is just a text message or phone call away if we have any questions!


The best part of working with Future Solutions is feeling confident in their knowledge on solar installs and knowing that they went above and beyond with the work they did for us. Plus knowing they are available for support questions and are there as we look to expand our setup has been great. When we were asked what Future Solutions could improve on, it was hard to come up with anything! Everything we have seen from working with Future Solutions has gone exactly as we hoped!


When going through the inquiry process, system designs, and system walk-through, it was beyond easy! For someone like me who doesn't have much background in solar it was all very easy for me to understand and was explained in terms that made sense to me. Then, for my husband who does understand solar, it was explained in more advanced terms to him so combined, we had a very clear picture of what had been installed and how everything worked."

Craig and Bryanna, @CrazyFamilyAdventure


Craig and Bryanna

First Installation


Second Installation





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