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Home with the Hooper’s (Andrew, Janelle & their 2 boys) approached us after seeing the KYD video and being recommended to us by one of our key RV OEM’s Keystone RV. The Hooper’s story is one that supports the ever-growing trend of working outside the office but to the extreme. The goal of their mission was less about work and more about spending time with the family, and we loved that mission!

In order to achieve this goal, the Hooper’s needed a system that would allow them the flexibility they needed when traveling across the country. Our way to achieve this was to build them one of the biggest off-grid systems we have done to allow them the ability to live PLUG-FREE. With approx. 2000W of solar and 6kW of inverted power, the entire coach can run off-grid, including both A/C’s and the washer and dryer (which, according to Janelle, is one of the best perks of the system). This system allowed their family to take their adventure anywhere their Keystone Montana 5th wheel would allow them to. The experience of working with the Hooper’s was bar none and we hope to see more families like the Hooper’s get out and spend time together!





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Andrew and Janelle


"We decided to get an RV solar electrical system installed so that we could make off grid living a larger part of our life. We live in and travel in our rig, a Keystone Montana, full-time and love to explore new places. Having our rig upfitted with solar panels, great inverters, and BattleBorn lithium ion batteries has given total and complete freedom to explore these new places without the worry of what we will do for power. Our system has provided us total peace of mind and confidence in our ability to maintain our lifestyle uninterrupted and stress free. We are able to power all electronics, watch TV, run our washer and dryer, use the microwave and multiple other electronic kitchen devices. Choosing to work with the Future Solutions team was the easy part. Their prime location in the heart of the RV industry is a huge plus and their upfit team is top notch. Josh, Matt, and John are absolute electrical geniuses and their knowledge and ability to customize a system that meets any customer's needs is bar none. Future Solutions is definitely an industry leader in upfitting and we cannot recommend working with them and their team enough."

Andrew and Janelle, @HomeWithTheHoopers




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