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Cortni “The Flipping Nomad” Armstrong and her “Ultimate Montana” project was unlike any other in the RV industry. When Keystone RV mentioned this opportunity to us, we jumped to be a part of it. The reason being this rig was a concept RV one-off build and would be a great platform to showcase what is possible in an RV for off-grid capabilities.

Due to the nature of the project, Keystone granted Cortni access to their R&D Center for the build to keep it under wraps until completion. This made the project unlike most being that we were required access to Keystone’s R&D Center to be able to complete the install with Cortni and her upfit team. This project was a great success locally but also nationally as she travels across country sharing this project with Montana Dealers and Off-Grid Nomads along the way.



"My name is Cortni and I have lived in an RV full time for 6 years. I also have a business renovating RVs. When we rebuild a rig, we focus on making it feel like a home but function like an RV. I recently teamed up with Keystone RV Company to build the Ultimate Montana which is a one-off insane fifth wheel. The interior was completely re-imagined to feel like a penthouse suite. Future Solutions worked their magic and installed an advanced energy management system that is just as impressive as the interior design. It has 1,590 watts of panels on the roof, ten BattleBorn Batteries that provide 1,000 Amp Hours, and two 3,000 watt Magnum Hybrid inverters. The Ultimate Montana has a lot of insane features like a margarita machine, huge outdoor stereo, projector TV, and Traeger smoker. I am able to run all of these features, in addition to the normal functions of an RV like the microwave and air conditioner, with the system from Future Solutions. But what impressed me the most with Future Solutions is they built the system to the RVIA code. There are so many "DIY" solar installers out there that it's hard to know who is trained and who isn't. The fact that they built to code was the cherry on top!"

Cortni @TheFlippingNomad








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