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After launching their first issue, much of their audience was looking for Solar and Lithium power guidance (as well as themselves). During their search, they wanted an upfit service they could trust to recommend to their community as well as help clarify solar questions for their magazine.

Demian and Nikki came out to Elkhart, IN while getting other RV work done before their upfit. In that time, they took a tour of our new location, learned about our company's start and our parent company, what products we stand behind and why, as well as worked their way from an ambassadorship to a partnership.

Rootless Living's first-hand experience boondocking helps us to better understand the daily life as it evolves with greater technology to see what works well and what needs more work to accomplish the goal user experience. Their follower's input is taken to heart and voiced so that changes can be made to the industry.

Our partnership has allowed our companies to work together and bring RVers the best resources we can. Through podcast interviews, blogs about Solar power, customer FAQ answered in articles, and advertising through their issues, we have had the chance to help educate a larger audience so they can feel more confident in their decisions about Solar and Lithium.

Their new system allows them to boondock while working as entrepreneurial digital nomads, magazine creators, and a perfect example of what life is like Rootless. With 2500W of Solar feeding an 800Ahr battery bank, their system generates enough power to replenish their energy used per day with good sunlight. This makes morning Keurig coffee, dual laptop charging, phone charging, heating, and air conditioning all possible in their daily off-grid life.



"Our road to solar is probably a lot like most people in the sense that when we went full time, we really didn’t know anything about solar. We were sitting there talking to the dealer and the cost of solar way SO enormous and the capabilities just weren’t there back in 2017.


Now, you fast forward a couple years living this lifestyle, boondocking and being in amazing places like the desert in Arizona or the beaches in Texas or farms in Oklahoma and you’re tethered to this generator and the sound with the generator.


It wasn’t until finally we went, that’s it. We want solar. Let’s find out where we should get it. We did our own research and we contacted some friends that we know that had a solar install and every path led back to Future Solutions.


Even our first call with them was really educating and informative. We thought we knew some stuff but we really didn’t know what we need to know to make our rig work the way we wanted to. So, from that call, us explaining what we want, to them calling us back giving different plans we can choose from. Kind of like a plan in the middle like we discussed, a plan that’s a little bit of a step down, and a plan that would be above.


The one great thing about these three options is that we could grow but, if you know us, we decided to get the biggest option possible. Now, the install process was amazing as well, too. You literally drop your rig off, they get to work on it and then you pick it up. And it’s done, but, it’s done in a way that I even I was impressed (even though I had done some research). You know, it just reminded me of when they do those really nice car installs. That’s the time and dedication they take into making sure that it looks show ready.


What was really funny for us was that we ended up with more storage space after the solar install than we did before. I can’t promise that will happen to you but the way our rig was built, that happened for us. It's been amazing!


So, the entire purchase process, the installation process, the really getting to understand solar process was amazing and because of that obviously, we highly recommend Future Solutions but there's another side to this. I think anybody as they’re getting something installed can do testimonies and get really excited.


Now, this happened back in September (2020). Fast forward to us right now: it's December. We've been able to use our system quite a few times already even though we're not doing what we hoped to be our Spring, Summer, Fall kind of boondocking, there are so many ways in and around using solar we just never thought of.


Just simple things like we don't have to run our propane anymore when we're driving. When we get to a place, we don't have to hook in immediately. If we end up at a 30 AMP, we can basically charge disconnected or run our rig like a 50 AMP if we needed to. The ability to run your ACs like it's on 50 AMP is pretty remarkable and to be completely untethered or not plugged in and not running a generator is life changing when you're in those spots that are life changing, that's for sure.


When people ask me about my solar install, I tell them exactly what I'm saying right here. From the getting the knowledge base to getting the quote to getting the service to actually having the system and using it in ways that I just didn't expect and how it's changed even going back to spots that I've been to before and not having to run a generator is absolutely worth it. It is something that we should have done a long time ago but, I get it, that the technology wasn't really there a long time ago. To be able to use this system the way that we do today, I'm really grateful for the team at Future Solutions. You know, I consider them friends today. That's how amazing their service and systems are!"

Demian Ross, @RootlessLivingMag



Demian and Nikki

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